Chapter 1 : This is a revamp on my life

I would like to apologize to all the readers and I would also like to gift my memories to the special readers that frequent here. Thank you for your support and entrusting me with the motivations to continue writing.

For the moment that I've been away, I recognized what I've been missing and it's the empathy towards others. I seem to have lost this ability when I'm recovering from the process of breaking up quite a long time ago and it's actually today when I realized that it's missing a missing piece from my life now.

A missing piece, is actually like a hidden image puzzle. We will be focused on places the pieces back together and feel proud of the accomplishment but yet sometimes, we tend to miss the portraits that the image is trying to reflect back to us. In accordance to this scenario, it also might happen in the real life situations such as in the dramas, there will be main characters whom will be loving each others in the end and the supporting characters whom will just have this one sided crush and let them be happy and I'm one of them.

Actually, the problems the supporting characters like us have is to give up easily and not have strict goal to keep into. I learned that once we kept our goals intact, anything can be changed and the process will be effective if we put our positive and mind to it.
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